Macro marketing

These are also sometimes known as the internal factors. However, if you have chosen product development or diversification then a certain amount of research and development, and product design will be needed.

They have become important due to the increasing scarcity of raw materials, polution targets, doing business as an ethical and sustainable company, carbon footprint targets set by governments this is a good example were one factor could be classes as political and environmental at the same time.

Economic Factors Economic factors have a significant impact on how an organisation does business and also how profitable they are. We hope that you have found the above information useful. The main types of customers are businesses, consumers, government bodies and employees.

Technological Factors We all know how fast the technological landscape changes and how this impacts the way we market Macro marketing products. New ways of producing goods and services New ways of distributing goods and services New ways of communicating with target markets Environmental Factors These factors have only really come to the forefront in the last fifteen years or so.

The distribution channels are narrow and stricter product standards are kept. Transactions in these markets are often more complex, the distribution channels are shorter and more direct with stricter product standards and specifications.


Examples of physical evidence include a brochure for a holiday tour, customer testimonials for a dentist, or a portfolio for a website design company.

It examines the social effect of marketing, as well as the flow of products and services into an economy and whether those products benefit society in some way.


Taking existing products into new markets Example tactics: Micro-economic factors are all about the way people spend their incomes.

Actions, measurement and controls How will you monitor progress. Importance of Marketing Environment Every business, no matter how big or small, operates within the marketing environment. Governments use interest rate control, taxation policy and government expenditure as their main mechanisms they use for this.

A macro-marketing approach may, for example, endeavor to develop a widespread distribution network throughout a large region or even to other countries. Rather than convincing consumers to buy products they do not need, a substantial part of micromarketing is conducting research to understand basic consumer needs.

Probably need high investment to maintain position. If maximizing consumer satisfaction is a macro objective, then providing consumers with what they want hardly seems wasteful to some.

How will you divide up the budget. How will you adjust the plan. Technological Environment The technological environment constitutes innovation, research and development in technology, technological alternatives, innovation inducements also technological barriers to smooth operation.

Scholars believe that the study of macromarketing is valuable in that it focuses on understanding how individuals and societies learn, adopt and innovate.

Macro & Micro Marketing Planning & Strategies

The best way to improve the operation of our MACRO-marketing system--given the current objectives of our society--is: encourage marketing managers to. The marketing management process is the process of planning marketing activities, directing the implementation of the plans, and controlling these plans.

Micro and Macro Marketing Environment

b. Marketing managers focus only on planning for the present market because consumers’ needs, competitors, and the environment hardly ever change.

The call for papers for the Macromarketing conference to be held July,in Leipzig, Germany is now open. The Conference theme is: Change between complexity and deadline for abstracts is 31st January Tracks include many interesting topics such as: Social marketing practice and macro-marketing reflection; macromarketing and health; ethical consumption in.

Macro- and micro-marketing are two ways that a business can approach its marketing management. Marketing management is the ways in which a business or entity anticipates the demands of the market and plans to meet those needs, such as through advertising, producing or researching.

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News. Penn State. Study of marketing activities, institutions, and processes from the national (societal) perspective. It looks at the aggregate flow of goods and services in an economy to determine if it benefits the society in terms of its resource consumption and environmental effects.

Macro marketing
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