Muscle car projects

However, the availability of used parts and ease of dropping a big block can save money, making the Chevelle a tempting prospect It is the top-dollar cars on our list, leaving those on a tight budget with little room for modifications, though even a beat-up daily driver has a certain appeal to it.

In that case, you leave us no choice… 5: The Camaro was the first to offer two-tone paint. We had to fabricate a few parts, but our team had no problem making special rare parts to make the Metz one of the best driving vintage cars around.

We finally got the good stuff.

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This meant that as the steering wheel was turned, the wheels turned progressively more as they approached lock. To customers who cannot visit on a regular basis we provide weekly photo and video updates. Variable-ratio steering appeared in Camaros for the first time in Their unparalleled looks are what will make them the talk of the school.

These include thethethethe and the legendary The xB has touched a raw nerve and developed a cult following in the States. Without a doubt, you will have the fastest car in the valley. Kanter Auto Products,NJ www. The SC has more aftermarket support and a few well-sorted turbo kits but the big battle plan is a Supra 2JZ-GTE swap, especially with a five-speed manual donor car that opens the door to using the Supra six-speed.

The Integra is usually the donor car for Civic swaps although the K-series has risen in popularity in recent years. The Miata is a throwback to British roadsters of the s with the welcome addition of Japanese reliability.

The DC is one of the most stolen cars on the planet so park with care and think about investing in a capable alarm system. A clicking noise from the center console where the ECU is installed is a red flag.

The S10 is equipped with a few different 5 speed manuals such as a Getrag, or a Muncie. It is a misconception that these were factory options only with Z28 and SS models. Honda The Civic is one of the greatest and most popular commuter vehicles of all time, and with its lightweight chassis and bottomless engine swap options, it really is an adult-sized Lego kit.

Toyota Corolla — Source: Have it appraised by someone who knows the numbers. There is an extensive aftermarket following for the early Miata. Be ready to walk away.

If a tachometer was purchased separately in Camaros the first time this could be donethe fuel gauge was relocated to the small center dash pod normally reserved for the clock.

We have found even our driver level restorations are at a quality level far and above many cars up for sale as 'complete - ground up' restorations. In that case, step on over to door 3.

Your car-guy friends will get more excited about the car than you and might even bid against you. Hell, the technology is out there, and if all the inked features of today's most wildly-modified feature cars have taught us anything, it's that owning a time-attack-winning EVO, nine-second Civic or 1,whp Supra is only a few months and several thousand dollars away.

We have seen a number of 'ground up' restorations that have had to be completely re-restored in order to get them to the quality level the owner expected when they purchased the car. Say less, listen more. This has made life hard for them in several ways: Just beware of gearbox issues and be forewarned that their fuel pumps are prone to rust, so removing them can be a real bitch.

Our Current Projects

Subaru WRX — Source:. Corvette Online projects CORVETTE COUPE: Project Y2K Our mission with Project Y2k is to take America’s Sports Car and make it better on a blue collar budget, turning this decade-old platform into a car that’s good at a little bit of everything.

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Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood. The 10 cheap muscle cars are produced from well known car makers such as Ford, General Motors and Chrysler.

With today's gas prices these muscle cars might not be as cheap as they were back in the sixties.

Five Affordable Chevy Muscle Cars

Back in the day, if a car was American made, had a V8 engine and came in [ ]. Scroll down for Pics. of Cars. We are located in Southeast Missouri 7 miles east of Kennett Missouri or 9 miles west of interstate 55 at mile marker 17B turn west on Highway Muscle-car prices are rising, but there's still some affordable metal out there.

But act fast, as these bargains might not last. You probably won't even have to ask the kids to skip college. Automotive Bodywork: Special Projects and Procedures March 22, by Muscle Car DiY As in most other endeavors, in autobody metal work there are many special projects and procedures that are needed to move work along, and/or to complete it.

Muscle car projects
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